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Your health is your wealth! This is what my late grandfather used to call out to myself and my U12 teammates as we raced around Mac Cumhaill Park. Sure I had no idea, 30 years later the beauty and essence of those words would still be ringing so true as to have mapped out my entire professional life.

If I were to ask you what is most important to you, what would you say? Family, Friends maybe?  Very few people  would say “my body” with it being the most valuable thing you will ever truly own. The body that you inhabit has to be working  for  you as opposed to against you or you against it

Pilates is; – getting up and down off the floor while playing with your grandchildren or racing after your own children as they attempt to cycle a bike, it’s staying part of the activity you love like hiking /golf/tennis/running without feeling like you can’t keep up or get injured;-it’s been able to bend down and tie your lace during a tennis match;-it’s reconnecting to your strength and flexibility when you return to an activity you love after a long break;-t’s knowing where to look for more inner strength when you near the finish line;- it’s paying attention to your pelvic floor, especially if there is more bouncing, jumping, turning, sprinting in your life; – t’s curling up with a book on your favourite seat without thinking it won’t suit your back.

It’s taking that saying we all use too frequently, “Im just getting old” – and kicking it to the curb.

I’ve owned Cork Pilates, based in the Southside of Cork City since 2006. For the past 14 years I’ve had the good fortune to travel and train with world class leading experts in the field of connecting anatomy and movement. It has been an inquisitive, inspiring adventure for my body as an ex-county LGF player and a mother of two beauties. If any part of my knowledge and experience can help you, I am very happy to share.

Just imagine at 75-years-old you’re running around with your granddaughter, what words of wisdom would you give her?  Would it be your health is your wealth…


  • MS.c Exercise & Sport, University of Ulster, Jordanstown.
  • Dip Project Management, University College Cork.
  • Reformer & Apparatus trained with Michael King Pilates.

  • Axis of Life (Posture Kinetics, Italy 2011)
  • Advanced Matwork (CYQ L3), Swissball & Small Props with Pilates Institute Ireland & UK (2006)
  • Franklin Method Educator Level 1 2017, Franklin Method Educator Level 2 2018
  • Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer 2021
  • Pilates for Neurological Conditions 2022 (The Neuro Studio)

  • Body restoration & balance for woman living with Breast Cancer
  • Workshops participated in Feldenkrias & Anatomy Trains.

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