Suzanne Griffin is one of just two practitioners in Ireland trained in The Franklin Method

The Franklin Method® teaches dynamic alignment and how to move your body with maximum efficiency to keep your body youthful and energized.

Founded by Eric Franklin in 1994, The Franklin Method® uses Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery™, anatomical embodiment and educational skills to create lasting positive change in your body and mind. The Franklin Method is taught all over the world, including the Universities of Vienna, Cologne, Karlsruhe and the Juilliard School in New York.

Your whole body is part of a symphony of coordinated movement. In a sense, your posture is reinvented at every instant. In every moment, the ideal combination of limbs, joints, gravity, moving parts, connective tissue, and muscle must be found and directed by your brain and nervous system.

Suzanne Griffin of Cork Pilates runs dedicated 2-hour workshops to share some of this knowledge with you, so you can learn more about a problem area you may experience or for your general education, to enable you to understand how to preserve greater pain-free movement as your life progresses.